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Hi! My name is Beth. All of my life, there have been several words others used to describe me: gregarious, upbeat, optimistic, organizer, social, fun, and friendly. There has always been another word that most people didn’t have the guts to use to my face: fat. I can’t remember a time in my life where I have been a “normal” size. It seems like my weight has always been central to my life. From the time I was 13, I have been on and off diets. Nothing has ever worked for me. To be honest, even as a fat person, I consider myself an expert on diets/nutrition.

January of 2010, I finally made the decision to have weight loss surgery. I felt like I was admitting defeat. I called the Genesis Bariatric Clinic and set up an appointment for a group consultation. When I got to the meeting, I was sold on the surgery option. At the end of the program, the presenter dropped a bomb: there was a weight limit for the surgery at the clinic. I left in tears. I was too fat for weight loss surgery. I felt like I was trying to make good choices and stifled at every turn. Frustrated and angry, I began emailing my contact at the clinic. She convinced me to come in for my appointment that was scheduled in the next month.

When I arrived at my appointment, my first step was on to a scale. When the numbers kept creeping higher and stopped at a staggering number, I almost turned and ran. But, a curious thing happened: the nurse did not seem to give me the look that I expected from someone who just saw that massive number. I was thoroughly encouraged by my visit and began a journey of a thousand miles with just one step: start a strict diet to drop the nearly 100 lbs that I had to lose before surgery.

Well, today, I sit before you nearly 80 pounds lighter and have not made it to surgery—almost a year to the day of my first visit to the clinic. These last months have not been easy. If I said that I had stuck perfectly to the diet, I’d be a liar. If I said that I have always lost weight and never gained, still lying. If I said that I felt completely different, it would only be a half truth.

I am just about 90 days out from my scheduled surgery date with about 20 pounds left to lose. It’s a day to day struggle to stay motivated and avoid discouragement, but I am trying! I hope that in this blog you can see that, though it’s not easy, a weight loss journey—no matter how long it takes or obstacles are thrown in your path—is always an adventure and worth it in the end.

You can reach me via email at: beth.kerkove@gmail.com


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