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After years of battling her weight, Tammy Shipman, a nurse and supervisor for Great River Home Health Care and Hospice in West Burlington, Iowa is hoping that the life-changing surgery will give her a new lease on life and restore her to good health.

Shipman, who is married with two teen-age daughters, has been researching gastric bypass surgery for five years. Her interest in the surgery increased, however, after she attended an informational meeting at the Genesis Center for Bariatric Surgery. She liked the center’s multidisciplinary approach and the fact that it offered laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery.

“Last November, I stopped smoking and gained 30-40 pounds,” Shipman said. “It just put me over the edge, and since then, I’ve been overwhelmed with physical symptoms because of my weight. For years, I had never seen myself as a heavy person, but now the effects of my weight were in my face. I have sleep apnea; horrible back and neck pain; extremely high cholesterol; and high blood sugars. I haven’t been feeling well.

“Last June, I went to a pulmonologist for shortness of breath even though I had stopped smoking. When I got on the scale, I weighed 347 pounds and was horrified. It was a deciding factor.”

Watch a video of Tammy Shipman's journey.

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