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Ellis Kell

Local blues musician Ellis Kell, whose weight-loss journey has been chronicled in “Genesis Today,” has decided against having gastric bypass surgery. Energized by losing 40 pounds, he says he will continue to pursue weight loss through proper diet and exercise.

Kell, who has lost about 40 pounds on the OptifastTM meal replacement program and is down two pants sizes, said: “Gastric bypass surgery is a wonderful procedure that has helped hundreds and hundreds of people. Right now, I just wasn’t ready for it,”

Kell added, “I feel like a different person already. The Genesis Center for Bariatric Surgery has provided me with the confidence and initiative to continue to lose weight through proper diet, nutrition and exercise.

“Before I started out with the Genesis program, I didn’t want to get out of the easy chair to walk around Sunset Park with my wife, daughter and grandchild -- and now I do. I didn’t want to tag along with them to the mall, but now I go along because I actually enjoy walking again. I use the stairs instead of the elevator, and I park farther away to fit a few more steps into my daily regimen wherever I go. I seriously doubt I would have ever gotten to this point on my own – without the help of the Genesis Center for Bariatric Surgery.”

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